Update and Inspirational Device

Hello all,

I know. I know. Its been a while since my last post. I’ve been keeping busy with work and haven’t really had the time to commit to this blog.  That being said I think its time to start posting here more regularly.

So.  I just invested in this kickstarter project that I believe will help me get a better quality of sleep. It’s called Sense.  What inspired me to invest in such a device? This video:


I’m a fairly analytical person and I love observing patterns. I even have a FitBit and an Aria Scale to keep track of my daily movement/bodyweight patterns.  So naturally this was a perfect fit. What really got to me though was the meticulous design that was put into the device. Its the perfect balance of engineering and design. I’d say that this is analogous to the type of work that Tesla did with the Model S. I’ll post an update later when the device actually  arrives. Stay tuned for a motorcycle related mod in a couple weeks.






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