Organizing my motorcycle accessories Post 1

First an introduction.

My Suzuki SV650S and Me

This last winter, I was stranded at work because my battery died over a period of a day. I still don’t know exactly what accessory was the culprit but I think it had something to do with my wheel lights.

So I will be making an effort to organize how my accessories are connected to my battery and I will also be isolating some accessories to a relay that that only sends power when the ignition is turned on.

Currently I have the following components connected to my battery:

  1. Visit the Ride/Scorpio store
    Scorpio Alarm System
  2. LunaSee Lighting System
  3. 12 Volt Automotive Plugin
  4. SAE Plugin

All of these wires lead to my battery and in the end it looks like this. Having disorganized lines of connections to a battery can lead to a short or even a drain.

I am awaiting my parts to arrive in the mail but once I have them,  I will show my process.

Also, I am following this guide:

Hopefully everything will work out in the end. Also stay tuned for more bike mods in 2014.






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